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A Camp in the Woods is a game being created and developed by Theck Studios.

A Camp in the woods is a 2D adventure-horror game and is currently on Greenlight and received community approval on 22th January, and is due to release on Steam.

The game was featured on Groupees' Build a Greenlight Bundle 11, with a minimum purchase price of $1.00

About[edit | edit source]

Game mechanics are mostly based on adventure & horror, with crafting also implemented. Search through cabins, villages, dark and unwelcoming forests. Your flashlight is your best friend.

In "A Camp in the woods", you play the role of one of other survivors from an accident overseas. You and Lindsay managed to survive the harsh sea using a life boat, but ended up in an unknown place. It is around christmas, snow is everywhere. Who knows what perils wander the dark woods of such a mysterious island.. After much walking, Lindsay comes back with the much waited news: An empty cabin by the woods, and you both hole up there for the night. -- You got saved from one of many problems: Hypothermia at the hands of the unforgiving island.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

For the player to continue advancing through various locations, sometimes it is necessary to purchase tools or maps, which cost in-game money. With crafting, the player is able to get more money, be it through processing wood, melting ore or cooking food to sell to the Trader, which pays the Player for his time with money, that can be used to purchase more resources, or items needed to advance further.

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